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Nutthakitt Wattanarungzitkun (Nutt) and Kunyakorn Wattanarungzitkun (Cherry) founders of Theppratarn888 Co.,Ltd.


Over 30 years of experience, both of them have learned and have the opportunity to follow adult and elders in their family and their also follow people who master in the arrangement of offerings Organizing various ceremonies. Including getting to know various Chinese gods, so it’s becoming a skill, a knowledge, and science. So that made them can say “it’s in the blood”. Theirs was also study the history of things that have been done since the ancestor as well as applying to new things In order to fit in with the modern times perfectly.

From that experience, that was an opportunity to help them to give an advice to people around them, friends, relatives until today became a business. And registered as Thep-Pra-Tarn 888 Co., Ltd. in 2019.

The point to make the decision to turn into a business is going to pray respect to the big Buddha in Hong Kong, theirs found a lot of miracles, and start to remember the love of sacred things and the love of ancestors. Traditional that teaches respect how to arrangement the table, How to pray respect to the delicate, what should be done and what should not be done? Is a teaching passed down from generation to generation in the family, both Thai and Chinese science, which Mr. Nut and Mrs. Cherry Trained since when they was young.


” There have been adults who have told me to do praying respect business, but at that time I thought how to do this business because I think I have no ideas, but when we have an opportunity to pray respect in Hong Kong and rejoice with love and compassion from sacred things and ancestors “


NUTT: Regarding pray respect to Buddha and gods, I was born in family that talking about, a horoscope, feng shui, pray respect to Buddha and gods, or a strange dream, or talk about supernatural person. All of this conversation happened in my family normally (laughs). We have always been back to this story. I can say that it is in the blood that has it all and is one of the things that shaped us today

In the past I accepted that I didn’t like and didn’t believe in anything. I believe only do something good. The elders brought me to pray respect and teach how to pray respect, didn’t realize anything. But also not oppose only see. Someone has to wait for the time. When he had the opportunity to pray respect Buddha and gods in Hong Kong It comes open mind and is joyful, loving and kind from the sacred things and ancestors. From running away and always denied change to run towards and ready to open as a business immediately, because these things we already know have been together since birth.


” The highlight of Thep-Pra-Tarn In addition to offering respect to carefully about quality, carefully, selected materials, almost all of Chinese gods that we have selected, we select by ourselves. And all of them have special good energy because I truly believe that Gods, choose us “


CHERRY: For the Royal Irrigation It is like the life that we were born with this thing and would probably die with this as well. Worshiping, praying, about praying we were born with these things. Energy, feng shui, talisman etc. That the way of families believe in these matters, but when I grow up with busy life, make me forget that I have a good life and survive safely to this day, from whom? Until life had almost critically endangered all around. One day elders invited to pray respect in Hong Kong. Therefore I can remember that have sacred things above us. Keep protecting Always bless us but I have forget, forget to pray respect, forget gratitude, forget to pay attention, therefore I have the opportunity to pray respect to all the sacred. I promise I will not forget. Thep-Pra-Tarn carefully selected quality, We select by ourselves with our hand. And all of them have special good energy because I truly believe that Gods, choose us.


Someone said that worshiping the gods from Thep-Pra-Tarn is sacred. See miracles instantly. Right? Both of them smiled … and said that Actually, it depends on the faith of the worshiper. But it is also very important For those who do these matters Meaning that in order to be good, there must be 5 precepts Which is to be a life standard, give alms, make merit, practice dharma Meditate every day. Always make merit as possible. These things are important. Do you think that if you are a god, would you like someone like this? But actually not because of us but because of clean energy of the gods. Like we were staying at a hotel, if the hotel is clean, not required to be 5 stars. We really want to rest, right? But if 5 stars hotel but dirty, so then no one wants to stay, right? So that why very important to Thep-Pra-Tarn that always make a merit.

What is the company’s goal? We want to combine old traditional and new city life go together like a new perfect fit. And we would love to give our customers feel the best things, when come to Thep-Pra-Tarn, one place that can complete everything in one stop service, don’t worry about stuff because we can take care everything instead of you. Don’t be tired Do not waste time in the preparation of offerings anymore.

We prepare all of stuff feeling as same as we take care our family. And we hope that all of our customer will be happy, wealthy, and success in everything their want.

Tips to pray respect to be effective when wishing must also be cheerful.




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